We at Proyecto Beatriz, believe culture and art are at the heart of Mexico. Art goes hand in hand with its artisans and artists who historically have had difficulty with exposure or being paid fairly for their work.



Of each basket, tablecloth and every piece of pottery. Each piece of work tells a story and is the reflection of a world vision, worth telling and rescuing.

Proyecto Beatriz is that window of opportunity that seeks to bring to light artists, artisans and designers under a fair trade program.



  1. Promote the creation of opportunities of employment for those in need.

  2. Basic Human Rights for all direct and indirect participants.

  3. Work and decent treatment which leads to better quality of life for artisans and artists, allowing them to contribute indirectly to peacekeeping in the communities in which they live.

  4. Tell the story of each object and guarantee its course of development from raw material until its completion.

  1. Offer a digital platform with success stories from different communities.

  2. By showcasing objects made in Mexico, our goal is to create a synergy between artisans, designers and businesses to further improve training and development.

  3. To make Art a transformational tool that helps transcend. ART TO TRANSFORM AND TRANSCEND. CULTURE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

2020-21 GOALS

Aligned with sustainable development objectives (UN, Sept. 2015) we will focus on points 5 (gender equality) and 12 (sustainable consumption and production).